That said the subject of tree removal is indeed a broad one that encompasses a myriad of possible scenarios ranging from the simple to the elaborate. During simple take down operations, typically with younger, smaller trees (unobstructed by obstacles) work is often performed expediently and without great difficulty. During large scale operations however, typically with older tree multiple trees or grand trees which are heavier, and fully mature in development.

The arborist

he arborist must have a good working knowledge of physics i.e.(weight distribution and transfer as well as the principles of shock loading, tensile strength, friction and leverage). At times extensive measures are necessary, involving the use of multiple fulcrum points, high lift cranes and rigging to facilitate the safe extraction of larger leaders or sections of a tree.

Rope and cable dynamics and fall distance must also be carefully calculated. One of the main factors in extracting or felling trees is the location of obstacles i.e. (roof tops, power transmission lines and adjacent trees etc ), as no two jobs are ever exactly the same. These obstacles can greatly add to the difficulty level and time expenditure of the job.​

Finally the dangers posed to the arborist, work crew and surrounding property due to the inherent physical forces and work environment cannot be over stated. We urge anyone considering tree removal to hire a professional arborist, as removing or felling large trees is extremely dangerous work. It is in fact one of the top five most dangerous jobs in the world. At Hurricane Tree Specialists all of our arborists are well seasoned professionals and veteran climbers and riggers, with the knowledge and time tested experience to ensure a safe quality job every time.​