Frequently, these trees have been uprooted or severely fractured by high winds. Lightning damage, flooding and soil erosion are sometimes factors as well.

It is important to remember, that trees in this condition can be extremely dangerous, and sometimes unpredictable in their reaction to sudden releases of pressure. i.e. (saw cuts in the wrong place or at the wrong time). Some people make the mistake of thinking that trees which are blown over on their side are safer to deal with.

While accessibility may sometimes be improved, nothing could be further from the truth. Extracting trees in this condition presents a whole different set of dynamics i.e (pressure points, limbs under extreme tension and potential for sudden weight shifting) etc, that generally would otherwise not exist in the extraction of free standing trees.

As with all hazardous extraction work, the removal of storm damaged trees should not be attempted by untrained individuals, as the potential for serious injuries or death can be greatly compounded. When it comes to disaster response and recovery work, you can trust the experts at Hurricane Tree Specialists to get the job done right, and in fact there are many throughout the southeastern United States who have endorsed or recommended us over the years.
Whether it’s a local no name storm, tornado or major hurricane we have the knowledge and time tested experience, along with the proper tools and equipment to ensure safety and success. If you are interested in seeing more examples of this type of work, you can go to our storm front link but I have to warn you it’s not pretty.
Perhaps you have purchased a parcel of land, and are planning to build a house or business. You may need to have a lot of heavy tree related work done in the way of clearing, cleaning, and trimming. Maybe you’ve got some old debris piled up in the back yard and would like to have it hauled away. Perhaps you are considering putting in a driveway, or swimming pool, and need to have certain trees cleared.
No matter what it may be that you need, Hurricane Trees Specialists has a full inventory of bobcat loaders, mini-excavators , chippers, cranes, and dump trucks, to tackle even the toughest land clearing and cleaning operations. As always we recommend anyone planning to build, remodel or re-landscape, to plan their projects around the environment as much as possible, thereby preserving the character and integrity of the land, while at the same time minimizing forest fragmentation, which is a preferable method to that of clear cutting or bulldozing everything.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Hurricane Tree Specialists offers quality tree care around the clock. My team and I are available anytime, night or day to meet the needs of our customers and clients. Whether it’s an isolated in the middle of the night emergency, or a large volume of work on a commercial property, where interruption of normal operation during business hours is not practical, we can be counted on to deliver top notch service every time.

A few of the ways Mother Nature takes care of trees is by allowing weak or defective ones to decay, break and die. It’s a good plan that works well in the forest.​
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